Professional Decision Maker

We all make poor choices here and there. One woman however in the United Kingdom feels as though she’s made too many bad decisions in the past year, that she’s actually ready to pay someone a hefty price of $2,600 to make decisions for her. At least for the next month.

The woman is reported to have lost money by trusting a friend, and to have ended up stranded and broke in a foreign country. She was also mugged and was involved in a highly toxic relationship.

The anonymous British woman has decided that she would like an enlightened individual, somewhat or a spiritual guide to help make better choices for a month, and to help her gain her life back.

The type of advice she would need includes topics such as who to go on a date with from online apps, since she is reported to have the worst taste in men. She is also requesting assistance as to how to spend her money.

The candidate who will be chosen for the job will need to be available 24/7 to help her make decisions, and to always be ready to quickly respond with the right response.

Despite the fact that this woman’s request is slightly strange, modern life has no shortage of pressures, and it makes sense that she would want to try to someone else to manage her life.

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