Priceless Artifacts, Made Affordable

Any history, nature or science fan has surely spent a great deal of time in museums, staring longingly and passionately into all the unique and rare items that have been collected over the years.

Perhaps it’s your dream to have had your own museum with all of these incredible items, but unfortunately, you know that it will never happen unless you maybe one day win the lottery and become a millionaire, that is.

However, things are about to change thanks to Mini Museum, which now allows anyone to make their dream come true, millionaire or not. What exactly is this Mini Museum?

It’s a collection of highly rare objects, both ancient and modern, that have been put inside of a small book. The collection has been referred to as a journey spanning billions of years across time, space and life.  While such a statement might be pushing it, anyone who is adventurous enough might want to try it out before making any judgments.

The Mini Museum is the work of Hans Fex, who created this incredible concept while he was just in second grade. After his father returned from a trip to do some research, Fex realized that a portable museum could be revolutionary, one that contains specimens of moon rocks or dinosaur specimens.

And now, an entire thirty-three years later, Fex has made his this into a reality, together with his childhood friends. They started out with a Kickstarter campaign, and exceed all of their expectations, raising nearly two million dollars.

Five years later, Fex and co. have already released the fourth edition of their epic Mini Museum, which includes ingenious rocks, extraterrestrial amino acids and even a raptor bone as old as 167 million years ago, and much, much more.

Each Mini Museum is made by hand for the customer’s individual requests and comes with a certificate proving it’s authenticity, as well as a detailed user guide.

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