Price Free Menus

La Rosa Nautica, a popular restaurant in Lima, Peru has recently been given a hefty fine of $62,000 for their discriminatory approach towards women.

The restaurant has been giving women who were out dining with men golden menus without any prices while giving the men a different blue menu with the restaurant prices. 

According to the owner of La Rosa Nautica, such a method is to allow women to enjoy a romantic evening without thinking too much about what it will be costing their date. However, the authorities in Peru saw things differently – that it was an act of discrimination against women, believing that women should have equal access to menus. 

An official has expressed that while these small things may appear to be harmless, they reinforce the inequalities and differences between women and men, and are based on chauvinistic principles.

On top of the fine the restaurant has been given, they will also have to start giving everyone the same menus, featuring the price of everything, as well as put up a sign that states that discrimination will not be accepted. 

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