Preventing The Funding Of Hate

The social media activism organization, Sleeping Giants has recently tweeted pictures showing some rather horrifying truths.

The organization shared screenshots that revealed that any Ku Klux Klan supporter could contribute to the hate group through PayPal. 

Thankfully, action was taken, and less than a week following the screenshots, PayPal suspended the hate group’s account, preventing them from raising money to spread their racist values even further. 

PayPal did not directly announce the actions taken on the group. A spokesperson from the company shared with the media that they cannot comment on a PayPal’s customer account – however they did make a note that PayPal’s services are not be used to promote any kind of violence, hate or discriminatory values. 

Following the news, the Klu Klux Klan donation page announced that they are unable to receive funds at the moment.

Let’s hope that things stay that way – and that it’s not just volunteer groups that take a stance against such hate crimes. 

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