Preparing For A Hike

Going for a hike with friends can be really fun, but if you have never hiked it before or haven’t done it in a while, it can be a really painful experience. That’s why there are a few things that you can do to prepare yourself and your body for a hike. Before you roll your eyes, don’t worry you won’t have to get a gym membership just to prepare.

Getty Images / Jordan Siemens

The most important part for a safe hike would have to be wearing the correct shoes. Yes, you can get away with wearing a pair of sneakers but your feet will definitely be upset with you after. You need shoes that can support your ankles. Remember, while hiking you tend to climb on rocks that could be wet. This makes it easy for you to slip and even sprain an ankle. It’s always best to go hiking in hiking boots. These shoes are specially made for your protection.

If you don’t work out often or haven’t been hiking before, your body won’t be used to climbing and walking long distances. You can get your body ready for the hike by walking a few miles every day. If you would like to take it a step further, you can try doing some uphill walking. You see, the mountains have a lot of uphill walking which can be a strain on your lungs. Keep in mind that there are walking sticks specifically for hikers available at the store which can be a great help. Lastly, there are a few add-ons that you need to have while hiking. This includes water which can help you stay hydrated. Remember you will be far from home or a quality water source. You should also apply sunscreen even if it’s a cold day out. Finally, you should have your cellphone and a backpack.