Predicting Ovarian Cancer Survival

In order to determine what the survival will be of a cancer patient, it takes several tests to figure out the rates, and is no easy task. However, with an all new AI, things might be about to change.

Researchers in both Australia and London have recently come up with a machine learning system that is actually capable of predicting the likely forecast for patients suffering from ovarian cancer.  Even if it’s not completely accurate, it’s still better than other methods we’ve seen before. In fact, it’s actually been shown to be an entire 4 times more accurate than traditional methods.

The scientists found through their new AI software, that the survival rate of those with epithelial ovarian cancer was somewhere around 35-40 percent, despite the fact that there are a wide variety of treatments for this type of cancer.

The software, known as the ”radiomic prognostic vector” examines a variety of characteristics in a tumor, including it’s genetic makeup, as well as it’s size, shape and even it’s structure.  It is capable of identifying the small percentage of people that have a mere two more years to live.

By finding the problem at an early stage, this could help improve the treatment methods for patients with ovarian cancer, as well as to . It seems as though the future of our health and longevity lies within the incredible powers of Artificial Intelligence.

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