Powered By Dead Fish

We often hear about vehicles that have been powered by electricity, or fossil fuels. However fish? That’s a first.  Nonetheless, that’s what a major cruise company has decided to do.

They’ve found a way to form a biogas from the leftovers after factories process fish to be ready to eat. By transitioning to this type of biogas, Hurtigruten, a Norwegian cruise line, believes that they will be able to reduce the negative impact the ship causes the environment.

When organic matter breaks down without oxygen, it forms a combination of gasses, that when together, create a type of biogas. The cruise line has plans to make their own biogas, by using organic waste and fish leftovers.  They will liquify the gas, and then use the fuel in order to power their ships.

Hurtigruten has plans to have at least 6 of it’s 17 ships running on this new energy by 2021.  Although generating power from fish guts is rather strange, it’s a cost efficient and natural way to get the job done.

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