Potato Necklace Cures Fever

Getting sick is one of the worst things to happen to a person especially when it is flu season. Over the past few months, many have been dealing with cold and flu-like symptoms that cause them to have high fevers.

Just recently, a grandma was taking care of her grandchild who was bedridden with a high fever. Trying to avoid going to the hospital, the grandma decided to try something out. For the longest time, she has been convinced that potatoes can draw out the fevers from her grandchild’s body. So, what did she do? She made a necklace of potatoes and had him wear it. The next morning her grandson’s fever went down significantly.

This method has been used by others before but these homeopathic treatments are not actually proven to work. Although the necklace of potato pieces turns black, which is said to be the toxins from one’s body it really is just the fact that the potato is oxidizing.

In total, these homeopathic methods passed down by grandparents are not suggested to use especially if someone is that ill. It is always best to seek medical attention if needed.