Polar Bears Attack

Without being an expert, most of us know that polar bears for the most part live on the ice of the sea, in order to hunt for their food, that being seals.  However, due to the effects of climate change and ice melting, animals are slowly making their way to the land that we live on, specifically in the area of Belushkya Guba.

Not only is this harmful for this already endangered species, but also for us humans. A recent story made it to the headlines that nearly fifty two polar bears were seen in a group of Islands in Russia, leading to an emergency to be declared.

According to authorities, there has never even once before been a sighting of a polar bear in the area.  Reports have also claimed that the polar bears have even been terrorizing the residents of the area, running after them, scaring dogs and other small animals, and have even tried to break into buildings and other private spaces.

The people of Russia are terrified to continue on with their daily lives, with parents even afraid to send their children to school, however at the moment, unfortunately there isn’t too many things that can be done to improve the situation.

When it comes to the polar bears themselves, the fact that they’ve been forced to leave the sea contributes to their extinction and only speeds up the process unfortunately. As it stands, people are thankfully prohibited from harming the animals, but if there’s no solution soon, then they may have no choice.

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