Poetry’s Reckless Daredevils

Poetry isn’t very extreme. It can be very enjoyable and insightful, but it usually won’t drag you into any adrenaline-packed life or death situations. It may come as a surprise then to find out just how much the lives of acclaimed, renowned poets are filled to the brim with reckless adventures. These are a few of the wildest stories of some of the most daring poets.

The Manifold Duels of Alexander Pushkin

Gettyimages/ Nastasic/ DigitalVision Vectors

Alexander Pushkin was infamous for his short temper and incredibly sensitive sense of honor. Over the course of his short, 37-year life, Alexander was involved in 29 duels, of which the last one got the better of him. He was notorious for picking fights over the most mundane things: Remarks about prose, insults hurled at his companions, disputes over the women he courted, he once even went as far as to duel somebody over the weather.

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