Plastic Bag Suit

Upon first glance, Rosa Ferrigno’s suit looks like it was made with traditional yarn. Only once you feel it and hear the plastic cracking will you realize that this is not your everyday suit.

Seventy five year old Ferringo’s suit is actually made out of three hundred plastic grocery bags, believe it or not. The Greek immigrant moved to New York where she keeps herself busy at all times – when the weather permits she is constantly working on her garden, and during the winter she takes on unique knitting projects, which are all truly jaw dropping.

Her most recent project however, made from plastic bags, is definitely one that deserves a round of applause.   Ferringo started out as seamstress, however once she saw a purse made out of recycled plastic bags, she became inspired to take things to the next level.

After watching some online videos, the talented artist managed to make a purse to out of some plastic bags. Ferringo then decided that she needed a matching outfit, and made it her mission to make a plastic bag suit.

It took her an entire two months of hard work and dedication to make the suit – and once it was ready, not only did it fit her perfectly, but the workers of Wegmans supermarket were completely shocked and grateful to see plastic bags reused in such a way.

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