Pizza Deliveries That Were Never Ordered

For the most part, getting a pizza delivered to your home is among the best and most exciting feelings possible. But if you’re Jean Van Landeghem, a sixty-five-year-old Belgian man, then you’re not going to be too excited to receive another pizza at your doorstep. According to Jean, he’s had pizzas delivered to his house for almost a decade without ever actually ordering even one.  When the mysterious pizzas started showing up, he first thought that it was simply a mistake and a mixed-up order, nothing thinking too far into it. 

But once it continued to no end, with not just pizza, but other foods too including pitas and kebabs, it got very strange and confusing. While he never had actually to pay for the food that would arrive since he always refused to take them, it was incredibly annoying to constantly have delivery men showing up at his front through all hours of the day and night. Sometimes the food deliveries even arrive at 2 am, which is especially frustrating for someone his age and poses a constant disruption to his sleep. Every time he hears the noise of a scooter from outside, he dreads that it’s another pizza on its way to his doorstep. 

Maybe things would have looked different if the orders were pre-paid, but the fact that he was disturbed to no end and didn’t even receive the food free of charge surely didn’t help his case.  The situation has gotten so out of hand that he even reported that one day in January he received 10 different deliveries.  Jean isn’t the only one that’s had enough of these strange, unprecedented deliveries, however. All the restaurants are pretty fed up with the whole thing too – as they have to waste their time and money, often throwing out the food that he didn’t order.  Jean is apparently not the only person in the area that’s been experiencing this, with a friend going through a similar thing, leading them to believe it may very well be some kind of seriously twisted prank by a common friend of theirs. 

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