Pikachu Is Going To Space

Pikachu, no, not the yellow cartoon character from Pokemon, but a beloved housecat who unfortunately passed away this past January due to diabetes is getting launched into space.

Pikachu’s owner, Steve Munt has plans to have some of his deceased cat’s ashes sent to space in a rather strange and unique tribute to him.  This will be the very first time that a cremated cat enters space.

Munt has been collecting funds in order to pay for Pikachu’s hefty flight of $5,000, however, he has already purchased the ticket for the send-off which will he says will be sometime in the next year and a half regardless of the money he manages to raise.

The process will be done with the help of Celestic Pets, a pet memorial service. They have already sent off two cremated dogs into space, however, Pikachu will be their very first cat.

The ashes will remain until they become vaporized once they enter the atmosphere again. Although the ashes aren’t big enough to see, Celestic Pets believes that it’s like a shooting star as they vaporize.

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