Picture Perfect Flowery Views Around the World

In literature, the term ‘flowery’ is often used to describe exaggerated, artsy, tryhard prose. In other words, in literature, flowery is bad. In life, however, flowery is great. It is of our humble opinion that flowers may signal the peak of nature’s vibrant botany. They smell absolutely wonderful; they’re an inseparable part of our ecosystem; finally, they look nothing short of stunning. So, our deep admiration of the colorful plant just took hold of us today as we decided to make a brief list of our favorite flower-spotting spots.

Tuscany, Italy’s perfect spring grass.

Gettyimages / Photograph by Nattachai Sesaud / Moment

Oh, Italy. The land of permanent spring; the land of pizza, pasta, delicious wine, great soccer, amazing paintings, and (how could one forget?) incredible views such as this beautiful blend of green hills and yellow flowers. It was once said, “In America, one must be something, but in Italy, one can simply be.” This tranquil view is definitely indicative of just that – simply being.

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