Pickle Festival

For all the pickle lovers out there, we have found the perfect festival for one to attend. Located in the pickle capital of the world, Mount Olive, North Carolina. The North Carolina Pickle Fest 2020 is planned to occur this spring. It is one of the largest pickle themed festivals to take place throughout the states.

Thousands of locals and pickle lovers come from near and far just to attend the festival. At the festival, people will be able to try all things pickle and pickle juice flavored. The array of treats that are provided goes anywhere from popcorn to snow cones.

If one is willing to be open-minded and experience pickles in a different texture, they can even purchase pickle-flavored donuts. Interesting combination, right?

While attending the festival there will be all things pickles with themed treats, contest games, and carnival rides. So, if one is not the greatest fan of pickles there are still activities for them to participate in.

The festival takes place for two days. Tickets are not yet available to purchase online from the website. Until then pickle lovers will just have to wait to attend their favorite event of the year!

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