Pickle Bread

For all us pickle lovers out there, get ready to eat the most delicious sandwich of all time. Restaurants are starting to get rid of the idea of carby bread and replace it with kosher pickles.

The idea behind pickle bread is very simple and easy to make at home. Being that the supplies needed are very few and can change based on preferences.

To make this prime pickle sandwich, we have to cut the large pickle in half and then scoop out both sides of the pickle giving it room for the inside toppings and meats. Once these steps are complete, the pickle sandwich is ready to eat!

For some, the idea of saying goodbye to a nice bready sandwich is not the ideal situation. So instead of fully putting bread in the trash, it is said to first try this new way of eating a sandwich.

Not only does this pickle sandwich give us a way to say goodbye to carbs, it has given pickles a new stance in our everyday meals. Now we won’t have to ask for the side of pickles, we will get a pickle no matter what.

For those who don’t love pickles as much as we do, we are totally sorry and we suppose that eating a regular sandwich will continue to be your way of life. And for the ones who love a nice juicy pickle, Bon Appétit!

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