Photos That Prove Just How Pure Grandparents Can Be

There is nothing quite like grandparents. They are some of the purest people on the planet who spoil their grandkids with gifts, money, and of course, lots of food. They love their grandkids with all their heart, and we love them right back. We can go to them for just about anything, and they hold such a special place in our hearts. Along with being adorable, they can also be pretty hilarious. One thing is for sure, they definitely make out lives brighter and a heck of a lot more interesting. We hope these pictures put a smile on your face just like they have for us.


“My grandma has a special spatula just for moving completed puzzle sections”



I mean, does it get any cuter? We think not. If we’re being honest, this grandma cracked the code for puzzle building. When you have to move big sections of a puzzle to the opposite, end, you risk your masterpiece falling apart. But this granny has got it all figured out. We would do puzzles with her any day.


Pizza for scale: These grandparents’ craving for pizza was definitely satisfied



Look at the size of this pizza! These grandparents had a taste for pizza and boy, were they not disappointed. Anyone would be ecstatic to get a pizza that size. We’re sure their grandkids helped them out with that. It’s usually our grandmas that tell us our eyes are not as big as our stomachs, but it seems the roles have been reversed.


This grandpa speaking his mind and literally wearing his heart on his shirt



We know, we know. The phrase is usually, “wear your heart on your sleeve,” but this grandpa’s got it printed directly on his shirt. Sometimes we can view grandparents as boring, or not as hip as us. But this grandpa is assuring us that just because he’s older now, he was still cool back in the day. And we bet he’s still cool today.


“My grandma played virtual reality for the first time and her sheer joy is contagious”



How can this not make you smile? This grandmother wanted to try her grandson’s virtual reality game. He didn’t know how much she would enjoy it, and sure, it’s out of her comfort zone with technology and all. But she loved every minute of it. Her smile says it all and we hope she’s continuing to play if it makes her this happy.