Peppermint Mocha

There is something special about the time we refer to as the holidays. Whether one celebrates, Kwanza, Christmas or even Channukah, the difference in celebrations is completely outweighed by the joy that comes along with it.

As the holiday time is approaching, it is quite apparent. As we browse shopping malls, craft stores, and even restaurants, the holiday cheer starts to appear! With tons of red and white stripes, string lights and peppermint flavored drinks, these companies really know how to outdo themselves.

Just a few days ago, Starbucks turned into full-on holiday mode. Now, when one orders their favorite holiday or everyday coffee drink, the cups provided to the customers are decorated in all things holiday. Not only did the company change their plastic cups, all the menus now have their holiday specialty drinks available.

Year-round, these specific drinks are not available at any Starbucks location. In turn, making the demand for these drinks very high and limited since the stores tend to run out of their supplies before mid-day. Of course, it depends on which Starbucks location one goes too but in all reality, these holiday tasting drinks are of great popularity so if one wants one it is best to go as soon as the stores open!

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