People With Hilariously Creative Life Hacks

No matter where you’re from, no one is immune from those awkward family photos. But there are some people who do things just a bit differently, resulting in some truly memorable situations. From hometown prom proposals to DIY pool parties, here are some fascinating photos that show what life is like when you do things your own way.


Lunch With A View



If you feel like going fishing and don’t have a boat, and also want to spend some quality time with your friends, this is definitely the solution for you. Taking a wooden picnic table out into the middle of a lake is truly the perfect life hack.


Savvy Speakers



If you’re throwing a party, you might want to invest in a good sound system. But let’s be honest, those speakers can get pretty expensive. So if you can’t afford the latest iPod docking station, don’t worry, because clearly all you need are a couple of plastic cups.


Spa Day Special



In some parts of the country, temperatures can get incredibly hot, so obviously, people need to cool down. And if they don’t have their own private swimming pool or a country club membership, then this is the next best thing!


Weekend Brunch



There’s nothing quite like the smell of sizzling bacon and sausages on a Saturday morning! And apparently, you don’t even have to have a working oven to achieve this mouthwatering aroma. As long as your iron is still hot from ironing your shirts, you’ll have gourmet brunch ready in no time.