People Are Sharing Their Favorite Food Hacks, Tricks and Tips

While not all of us love to cook, we all love to eat. Whether you prefer a homemade three-course meal or a fast-food burger deal, there’s always a way to improve your eating experience. Thankfully, people are sharing the tips and tricks they found to help us make our meals even tastier.


Use the flap on your fries box to hold ketchup.

As we all know, the flap on this box wasn’t made to hold ketchup – it was designed to fit the fry scooper and allow it to quickly serve a portion of fries. However, this person realized it can also be used as a plate to hold your ketchup.



For mess-free campfire s’mores, use ice cream cones.

Anyone who has ever made s’mores while camping knows this dessert can go from deliciously fun to stressfully messy in a matter of seconds. To avoid getting melted chocolate and marshmallows everywhere, this person figured out they could just use an ice cream cone to hold all the gooey awesomeness together.


For easy storage and quick thawing, roll your ground meat flat before freezing.

Before storing your ground meat in the freezer, put it in zipper bags and use a rolling pin to flatten them. This way, the meat will take a lot less room, will be easier to stack, and will defrost quicker.



roll the bottom of a chip bag up to create a bowl.

For your next party, instead of using lots of bowls (that we all know you don’t want to wash), use this trick to keep your chip bag upright. Simply fold the bottom of the bag in – this will also push the chips up to the top.


To fit two pizzas in the same baking tray, cut them in half.

You might be wondering how this is even possible – and we get it. Looking at this picture has made us regret not paying enough attention to geometry class. How many other food tricks would we know today if we had just studied a little harder in school?!



Adding 2 eggs and 1/2 a cup of oil will turn any cake mix into cookie dough.

This trick has the power to change lives. Funfetti cookies, red velvet cookies – the world is your oyster. Just remember: you don’t need to use the recipe on the box. Simply add two eggs and half a cup of oil to the cake mix and voilà.


Tired of getting frosting all over your face? Twist off the bottom of your cupcake and make a sandwich.

Cupcakes are great: they are tasty, fun, cute. But they’re also very hard to eat without making a mess. Nine times out of then, we end up with frosting all over our faces when we eat them. This trick prevents us from making a major mess and allows us to taste all the delicious layers of the dessert at the same time.



Use a wooden spoon to keep your water from boiling over.

This trick is older than our grandmas. It works because the dry wooden spoon destabilizes the water bubbles and makes the boiling water retreat. Once the bubbles touch something colder than 212°F, they burst and release their steam.


Use frozen coffee cubes so your iced coffee doesn’t get watered down.

Adding regular ice cubes to your iced coffee will water it down. Instead, fill up an ice tray with coffee and freeze it. Next time you make iced coffee, use those ice cubes so your beverage keeps its caffeinated taste even when the ice starts to melt.



When making a burger, fry your eggs inside onion rings.

Next time you’re making a homemade burger, remember this trick. First, fry the onion ring, then add the egg. This will give the eggs a perfect shape while turning the onions slightly sweet and crunchy. You can also try frying eggs inside bell pepper, tomato, and avocado rings.


Turn your muffin pan upside down to make cookie bowls.

This is a great idea for a party. If you want to impress your guests, serving them ice cream in a homemade cookie bowl is the way to go. All you have to do is flip a muffin tray upside down and shape the cookie dough around it.



An avocado is ripe if you pull off its stem and see green.

Next time you want to eat avocado but are not sure if the fruit is ripe yet, this trick can help you find out. Just peel back its stem cap: if it comes off easily and you see green, it’s ripe. If it won’t come off, it’s probably not good to eat yet. However, if it’s brown underneath the stem, it’s likely overripe.


Use a waffle iron to toast your grilled cheese. The holes in the bread will hold extra soup.

If you love having your tomato soup with a grilled cheese sandwich, this hack is for you. Instead of using a frying pan or a toaster for your grilled cheese, use a waffle iron. The holes in the bread will hold some soup when you dip it.



Need to anchor your strainer over your sink? Use spoons.

If you are using a big pot and need both hands to hold it, using a strainer at the same time is impossible. Sure, you could ask someone to hold the strainer for you. But you can also anchor it with spoons so you don’t have to ask anyone for help.


Put your ice cream in a resealable bag to keep it soft.

Tired of nearly breaking your spoon every time you try to eat ice cream? Next time you want to store ice cream in the freezer for later, put it inside a resealable bag first. This way, it will stay as soft as it was when you first bought it.



To keep your cookies soft, store them in an airtight container with a slice of bread.

Whether you want to soften cookies that are a little too hard or just want them to stay fresh, this is a great trick. Place a slice of bread on the bottom of an airtight container and pile your cookies on top of it. The cookies will soak up the moisture from the bread!


Use a melon baller to core your apples.

Melon ballers are small tools that resemble ice cream scoops. They are used to cut round-shaped sections of melon by being pressed into the fruit and rotated. These tools can also be used for small portions of ice cream – and for coring apples.



Weave the bacon to cover the entire surface of your BLT.

Sandwiches tend to be a little unpredictable. We never know what we’ll get with each bite. If you want to make sure you’ll get a perfect bite of your BLT every time, this is a great (yet time-consuming) trick. Weave the bacon before baking it so it’s the same size as your bread.


Condiment cups can be unfolded to fit more ketchup.

Next time you go to a fast-food restaurant remember this trick. Instead of grabbing three ketchup cups, get one cup and pull its sides to widen it. This way, your burger will also fit when you try to dip it into the ketchup.



Put your eggs in water to see if they’re fresh. If they sink, they are good to eat.

You don’t have to break your eggs open to check if they’re fresh. Just drop them in a glass or bowl of water. If they float to the surface, they are old. If they sink, they are fresh. This happens because as eggs age, their moisture escapes from their shells being replaced by outside air – which makes them more buoyant over time.


Use tongs to fully squeeze out lemons.

Whether you are looking for a way to juice lemons without a juicer or just want a more effective way to do it, we suggest using tongs. Cut your lemon lengthwise (which helps maximize the juice) and squeeze it using the arms of the tongs.



When camping, Apply a thin layer of dish soap to the bottom of your pot before cooking.

If you want your pots to look brand new,  remember this tip next time you go camping. Apply a thin layer of dish soap to the bottom of your pot before cooking on a fire stove or alcohol burner. Then, just wipe it off when you’re done making food.


MAKE YOUR VERY OWN CORN DOGS with only muffin mix and hot dogs.

To make corn dogs at home, prepare your muffin mix according to the instructions on the package. Then pour the batter into muffin cups. Place a small piece of hot dog in the center of each cup. Bake for 15 minutes and your homemade corn dogs are ready.



Don’t throw away your “empty” Nutella jar. Put ice cream in it.

This is a game-changing idea. Even if you think you can’t scrape the remaining Nutella off the sides of the jar, don’t throw it away just yet. Put a scoop of ice cream inside it first so you can enjoy the rest of the hazelnut cream.


To keep your taco shells from closing up in the oven, place them upside down.

Placing your taco shells upside down will prevent them from closing up in the oven. If you want to take this tip a step further, use an oven rack to hang them upside down like this person did.



Use unscented dental floss to cut cakes, cheeses, and other soft solids perfectly.

If you don’t have a cheese wire, just use unscented dental floss or fishing line to cut cakes and cheeses perfectly. To cut a cake in half, simply wrap floss around it and pull the ends in opposite directions so it cuts through the middle of the dessert. As a result, you will have two perfectly even layers of cake.


For perfect hard-boiled eggs, bake them in a muffin tin.

This is not a joke. Instead of boiling your eggs, you can put them in a muffin tin and bake them for 30 minutes. If you don’t have a muffin tin, don’t worry, you can also just place your eggs on your oven racks.



To make Baby Yoda cookies, use an angel-shaped cookie cutter, then chop off its head.

This trick is for all Star Wars and Mandalorian fans out there. If you have ever wanted to make Grogu-shaped cookies, all you need is an Angel-shaped cookie cutter. Just remove the top of the angel’s head and voilà.


Chinese takeout boxes fold out into plates.

This trick is pretty useful for people who can’t use chopsticks. After all, it’s pretty hard to reach the bottom of the Chinese takeout box using a fork and knife. By unfolding the box, you can use it as a plate for your noodles.



Make cinnamon bowls in a muffin tin.

Using a ring cutter, cut tortillas to a size that will fit nicely in a muffin tin and bake them for about 10 minutes. Then, cover the tortilla bowls with cinnamon sugar and let them cool down. Serve with ice cream.


Slide a piece of paper into your Pringles so you don’t have to get your hand stuck inside it.

Tired of getting your hand stuck in the Pringles can whenever you try to reach the bottom of the container? Fold a piece of paper lengthways and slide it down the Pringles can – when you pull it out, the chips will come out with it.



Place your salmon on a bed of lemons so it doesn’t stick to the grates.

Grilling can be a lot of fun, but it can also be pretty stressful. To prevent your fish from sticking to the grates, simply place some lemon slices underneath it. Close the lid so both sides can cook equally and use a spatula to pick it up when it’s done.


How to microwave a frozen pizza without losing your cheese.



Sometimes, we can’t even be bothered to put our frozen pizza in the oven. The only problem with microwave pizza is that the cheese seems to go everywhere, leaving us with only rubbery bread and tomato sauce. To solve this problem, place your pizza inside a bowl so that the cheese stays where it should.



For the perfect quesadilla, put different fillings on each quarter of your tortilla and fold it up.

This hack is perfect for anyone who is tired of trying to keep their quesadilla fillings from falling out while they eat. First, visually divide the surface of your tortilla into four and place toppings on each section. Then, make a cut from the center to the edge of the tortilla and fold it four times.


Microwave your popcorn sealable container.

In a sealable container, mix popcorn kernels, salt, and pepper. Then, lock two adjacent corners, leaving the other two open – this will keep the lid on while allowing the steam to escape. After microwaving it for a couple of minutes, give the container a good shake to mix the seasoning and the popcorn.



Fold your cereal boxes so they don’t go stale.

To close your cereal box in a way that will prevent your breakfast from going stale, follow these simple steps. First, fold the side flaps inwards and do the same with the front flap. Then, create a crease on the sides of the box and fold the back flap into the crease.


Use a paper towel to keep your salad fresh and avoid sogginess.



To make sure your salad remains fresh for days in the fridge, store it with a paper towel. Simply add a sheet of paper towel to the air-tight container where your salad will be stored so it absorbs all the moisture and keeps your veggies fresh.



If you don’t have a wire rack, use foil.

Next time you want to use your oven racks but can’t find them (or just don’t feel like cleaning them), remember you can use foil and a baking tray. Simply pinch the edges of the foil to create ridges. This way, your frozen burgers won’t sit on grease while they cook.


For crispy hot dogs, spiral them.

Sure, hot dogs are tasty regardless of their shape. However, spiraling them before grilling will create a larger surface area, which allows them to cook faster and get crispier. Besides, the gaps in the spirals are perfect for condiments and cheese!



Mix heavy cream and icing sugar for homemade whipped cream.

Next time you need whipped cream for a dessert, don’t rush to the store. Simply grab some icing sugar and heavy cream from your pantry and mix them for about five minutes. If you don’t have a mixer, you can whisk the ingredients for about ten minutes.


Lightly toast your rice before cooking for a nutty flavor.

Before boiling your rice, toast it with a little bit of butter or cooking oil until you smell a deep nutty aroma. You can also add aromatics such as garlic and spices to the pan. This will enhance the depth of the grains, giving them an extra layer of flavor.



Use cookie cutters to make pancakes.

If you are tired of eating boringly round pancakes, this is a great trick for you. Simply rest a metal cookie cutter onto your frying pan and fill it up with pancake batter. Then, use a fork to lift it up and flip the pancake.


After cutting garlic, rub your hands on your stainless steel sink to remove the odor.

Next time you cut garlic and want to get rid of its smell, remember to rub your hands on your stainless steel sink for 30 seconds before washing it. This tip also works for onion and fish odors!



For crispy hash browns, use the waffle iron.

We all know waffle irons are very versatile devices. They can be used to make waffles, brownies, grilled cheese, cinnamon rolls, and even hash browns. The shape of the waffle iron will even make your hash browns crispier than using a frying pan!


Using a wooden spoon helps when making Hasselback potatoes.

Next time you want to make Hasselback potatoes, remember this trick. A wooden spoon will make your job a lot easier. Simply place your potatoes on the spoon bowl while you cut them – this will prevent you from cutting all the way through.



How to microwave your taquitos.

Ever wondered what was the most efficient way to heat up your taquitos in the microwave? Well, there you go. Stack them up in a squared shape so that they all get the same amount of heat and voilà.


To keep your tomatoes from slipping off while eating a sandwich, wrap them in ham.

There’s nothing more upsetting than watching your tomatoes slide off as you get the first bite of your sandwich. With this trick, you’ll never have to worry about losing your tomatoes again. If you don’t like ham, you can also use lettuce to wrap your tomatoes and veggies.



Use a hanger to hold your tablet or recipe book up while you’re cooking.

While we do suggest you find a tablet case made to prop it up or a recipe book holder, using a hanger is a great trick when you’re in pinch. Just make sure your hanger is placed somewhere safe – and not above your stove.


Ikea bags can hold about 10 plastic bags worth of groceries.

This is a great idea for anyone trying to use less single-use plastic in their day-to-day life. Instead of using several plastic bags when you go grocery shopping, you can bring your reusable Ikea bags.



When making cookie dough, make a double batch and freeze it. Future you will appreciate it.

We don’t know about you, but we constantly crave desserts that we’re too lazy to make. While baking might not even be that time-consuming, washing dishes is never fun. If you freeze a second batch of cookies when you make some, all you’ll have to do is put it in the oven the next time you have a craving.



If you have kids, this is a great idea if you want to let them make their own dessert. Just stick a plastic pick into each petit-suisse yogurt container and place them in the freezer. In a few hours, your kids will have their very own homemade popsicle.



Use your coffee grounds as plant fertilizer.

Instead of throwing away your coffee grounds, you can use them as fertilizer. Adding coffee grounds to your soil helps improve drainage, water retention, and soil aeration. Besides, coffee grounds are rich in nitrogen, which plants need for healthy growth.


Use a mixer to shred chicken quickly.

There are numerous ways to shred chicken: using your hands, using two forks, or even using specialized tools. But the easiest way to do it is with the help of a mixer. Whether you prefer a hand mixer or a stand mixer, shredding chicken will be a lot easier using this appliance.



Regrow your green onions so you never have to buy them again.

Next time you buy green onions, give this trick a try. All you have to do is slice off the ends of the bulbs and place them in a small container filled with water. In a few days, when the shoots are about four inches long, plant them in soil. You will never have to go to the store to buy green onions again!


Use a channel knife to make lime flowers to decorate your food.

If you ever feel like decorating your food or cocktails, this is a great and simple idea. All you need is a lime or lemon and a channel knife. Follow the instructions on the image and we promise your guests will be very impressed.



Use leftover macaroni and cheese for a grilled mac & cheese.

Want to take your grilled cheese to the next level? Try turning it into a grilled mac & cheese! We recommend adding extra layers of cheese between the mac & cheese and the slices of bread, then toasting the sandwich on a skillet.


Don’t cut your asparagus individually. Tie them together.

While the best way to prepare your asparagus for cooking is breaking them off by hand one at a time, we don’t always have time for that. If you’re ever in a hurry, tying them all together and cutting them all at once is a great solution to speed things up.



Make tortilla bowls using a muffin pan.

To make tortilla bowls that can be eaten as tacos or scooping chips for dips, flip a muffin pan upside down and place the tortillas in between the cups. Bake for about ten minutes at medium temperature.


How to make pull-apart cheesy bread.

First, cut a grid into the top of your loaf of bread. Then, use a pastry brush to brush some butter into the gaps. Stuff the buttered gaps with slices of cheese and wrap the loaf in foil. Pop it in the oven for about 30 minutes and voilà.



make long hard-boiled eggs that will confuse all your guests at your next dinner.

To make long hard-boiled eggs, start by separating ten egg whites and yolks. Whisk the yolks and set the bowl aside. Then, while you wait for your large pot of water to boil, lightly beat your egg whites and pour them into a tall heat-resistant glass. Place the glass in the pot when the water starts to boil and let it cook for about 25 minutes. Remove the glass from the water and use a wooden spoon to make a hole in the center of the egg whites. Pour the yolks into that hole and cook the eggs for another 25 minutes.


Use a sandwich press as a cheap electric grill.

If you’re ever in a situation where you don’t have an electric grill, a sandwich press might come in handy. This person, for example, used it to make grilled chicken, but you can also try making bacon, burgers, or even hash browns.



Want to make squirmy jelly worms for Halloween?

Pack straws into a cup and secure them with a rubber band, then carefully pour in jelly. Once the jelly is set, simply rinse with some warm water to release the “worms” from the straws. So easy, so spooky!


Use a disposable cup to catch popsicle drips and keep your hands clean.

If you have kids, you know how quickly eating a popsicle can go from fun to messy. To keep their hands clean, a good idea is to use a disposable cup or a cupcake liner to catch all popsicle drips.