People Are Sharing the Most Creative Ads They Have Ever Come Across

We see ads every day. Products we need, products we don’t know, products we don’t know that we need. But not all of them catch our eye like the following marketing campaigns. The pictures below capture the most brilliant advertisement campaigns people from all over the world have come across.


You can park anywhere with a Jeep.

Back in 2007, a few fake parking appeared in the center of Copenhagen, Denmark. Created by advertising agency Bates Y&R, this campaign illustrated how easily you can park your Jeep on any kind of terrain and helped promote the brand’s iconic sport utility vehicles.


The power of Windex.

What is the best way to market a glass cleaner? Obviously, it is by demonstrating how powerful your product is. This simple ad definitely caught the attention of thousands of people waiting for their bus.


Real-time weather reports.

They weren’t kidding when they said they offered real-time weather reports. This hollow billboard is a brilliant way to represent how quickly and efficiently their weather reports are actually updated.


Life-sized Hot Wheels.

Every kid in this world has wished that they could play with life-sized Hot Wheels tracks and cars. Back in 2011, ad agency Ogilvy actually brought the concept to life with this clever ad on a Colombian highway.