Pentagon Admits UFO Program Existed, What About Now?

The Pentagon has recently admitted to a long-held secret, that there was in fact a UFO investigation program, however it ended in 2012.

They claim that it ended when U.S defence officials decided that their funding and attention should be changed to other projects. Although they have released that there was once a program, it is nearly impossible to know what is going on today in terms of the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program.

It remains a mystery as to whether or not they continue to search for UFO sightings since the program funding ended over five years ago.

According to a source, the secret program that investigated UFOs ran for an entire five years, from 2007 to 2012 with $22 million of yearly funding, that was not known to the public in the government budget.

The initial funding was mainly due to the request of Harry Reid, the former Senate Democratic leader of Nevada, who is popularly known for his passion for space phenomena.

The Pentagon opened up about the program that existed due to queries, explaining that they felt as though there were more important, higher priority issues that deserved the funding.

What the Pentagon was not so clear about, however, was whether or not the UFO program continues somewhere in the U.S defence establishment.

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