Paying To Give Up On Smartphones

Vitaminwater, an enhanced water company has recently released their latest campaign.  A contest that challenges participants to give up their smartphones and tablets for an entire year.

Considering the type of society we live in, this is no easy challenge. However the company, owned by Coca-Cola has found the perfect way to make it a worthwhile challenge, with a prize of $100, 000.

This means that whoever manages to go an entire 365 days without using a smartphone, as well as not using anyone else’s also, will be granted will a pretty hefty reward. Those that are selected to take part will have to sign a contract that they agree to follow all of the rules of the contest.

It sounds easy enough right? Well, not quite. Participants must first convince Vitaminwater that they are worth investing in. In order to enter this unique contest, participants have to start out by uploading a picture to either Instagram or Twitter to announce to the company that you are in need of a smartphone break, using the hashtag #nophoneforayear.

Entries will be judged based of the relevance towards the brand as well as on creativity, quality and humor.  Whoever is lucky enough to be selected will be provided by a ’90s dumbphone that allows for only voice communication.

Vitaminwater will be performing a lie detector test of course before they give their winner any of the prize money.

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