Pay To Attend Strangers Weddings

In general, a wedding is intended to be an intimate event, for only close family and friends. However, for some couples in India, things are a little different.

They have absolutely no problem to have complete strangers from across the globe attend their wedding. For a fee, that is, of course.

Although paying a hefty sum to attend to wedding of two strangers in a foreign country might not make too make sense to some,  according to JoinMyWedding, a company that specializes in wedding tourism, it’s the ultimate cultural immersion for tourists seeking a local experience.

Clients get the chance to wear traditional Indian outfits, taste different and authentic foods, as well as witness wedding customs from around the world that they have never before seen.

And it’s a win-win situation, since the couple getting married gets to make more extra money while they’re at it, and share their magical day with the rest of the world.

Tourists interested in attending an Indian wedding through this company are required to pay a free of $150, or $250 for two days, which includes wedding entrance as well as food and drinks.  Transportation, accommodation and costume rental is available for an extra cost.

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