Parking Spots As Offices

Victor Pontis, an entrepreneurial web developer has decided that due to the high costs of renting an office space in San Fransico, that it would be a great idea to turn parking spots into coworking spaces. He initially got the idea after seeing a bike carrier that has the capacity for an entire eight bikes in one spot.

So similar to the popular WeWork office spaces, this unique co-working space will be called WePark. This parking space office will be fully set up with chairs, desks and will only cost whatever the parking meter would generally charge anyone who chooses to park their car in that very spot.

It was tried out at first as an experimental prototype and was received in a variety of ways. Many people saw it as a frustrating reminder of how incredibly high the prices are in the area. Others were angry about the fact that it would be taking up spaces that should be used for cars to park and other purposes that serve the community as a whole – such as cafes, more apartments for living, and even bike lanes or just simply bigger sidewalks.

Nonetheless, many freelancers around the world are drawn into the idea of this new kind of co-working space. Perhaps this will be a new thing.

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