Parents Request Miles Driven In Return For Chores

Every parents dream is now a reality. All thanks to this new application called, Parent Taxi. Basically, parents now have a way to charge there children for rides. Instead of actual payments like Uber or Lyft, these parents are asking for there children to complete chores in return of miles driven.

According to Mirror online, “The app tracks the car journey via GPS, and parents can set how many miles equate to different chores, including cleaning the car, doing the washing up or feeding the family pet.” Quite genius, right?

Well as much as parents believe this is the greatest app of all time, us children are not thinking the same. All thanks to this app, children can’t get away with missing there daily chores. Being that the app tracks past journeys and chores assigned, parents now have physical proof of what they told there kids to do.

Usually, when parents assign chores around the house they aren’t taken very seriously or the child can sometimes get away without doing them. Not only that but sometimes children aren’t even assigned chores around the house.

This application gives parents an upper hand on driving there children around. As much as we believe this application is smart, aren’t parents supposed to drive there children around?

In the end of the day, children can’t be responsible for transportation until they get there drivers license. So is this application really fair for parents to be using? The answer could be yes or no, depending on the situation at hand. All we know is that once our parents find out about this app, it is game over.

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