Oversized Japanese Backpacks

A Japanese design studio has created the world’s largest backpack, one so incredibly large that it can literally fit a grown person, or be used as a closet to store one’s entire wardrobe.

This massive backpack measures an impressive 100 cm in length, and 68 cm in width. It can hold up to 180 liters, making it the ideal bag to carry around a human being.  The shoulder straps are also specially designed to hold the maximum weight, and also come with additional padding to reduce stress of the back of the wearer.

The backpack has been named the Backpackers Closet,  and has been described to be a dream come true for carrying heavy equipment outdoors and for setting up a campsite.

Unsurprisingly, this backpack by Japanese company CWF comes with a price larger than the standard backpack, sold for $230. Regardless, they’ve been selling like crazy and seem to be completely worth the investment.

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