Overpriced Twigs

Anthropologie, the popular and trendy American homeware retailer has recently been scrutinized on social media for selling birch twigs at a rather hefty price of forty two dollars.

Their package of twenty birch twigs comes out to an entire two dollars a stick. These sticks could very easily be found yourself on the street, free of charge.

Antropologie has officially named these birch twigs ‘Decorative Birch Bundle’ and was apparently added to their store for those looking to add a rustic look to their homes. However, their new addition did nothing but cause incredible outrage on the internet.

Photos of the birch twigs tied together with two pieces of brown strings was shared all over social media, with people making some hilarious and angry jokes about the company’s failed effort.

Some people even went to the Anthropologie product page in order to comically mock the Decorative Birch Bundle by leaving overly positive reviews and comments about the product.

The homeware store also offered the option for those that couldn’t afford the sticks to pay it in four payments of ten dollars and fifty cents.

Somehow, the Decorative Birch Bundle has been removed from Anthropologie’s website, and we doubt that it’s because it was sold out.