Oslo Airport City, The Most Sustainable City In The World

Oslo, the capital of Norway has plans to create a new airport city right next to the Oslo Aiport. It may very well become the most sustainable and future oriented city in the entire world.  The plan is to use green technologies in order to create their own renewable energy.

The city is intended to only use energy that has been created within the city and will have only electric, driverless vehicles on its streets, making it a completely car free city.

In addition, the city will be highly walkable. People will not have any need to take transportation, with most places within a reasonable walking distance.

The city plans on using green technologies in all of their technologies, such as lighting and security.  By using only renewable energy they will cut down on fossil fuel and energy.

They will also be selling excess energy produced in order to cut down of fuel usage at the airport.  The city will also aim to create several outdoor activities that are electricity free and easy to access by foot or by bike.

The location was actually highly thought out. The Oslo Airport is expecting it’s employees to double by the year 2050 and the city could serve as an ideal place for their families to live, as well as for visitors to stay while in transit.

The innovative city is set to be ready for living in 2022, and we’re looking forward to see this dream become reality.

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