Operation Rock Wallaby

Due to the immense amount of bushfires in Australia, there has been severe damage to all wildlife. For the animals who survived the fires they are now starving and in need of a helping hand. Most of the animals who fled the fires do not have anything to eat since their habitat was burnt down completely.

Since this is a prominent issue, Australians and the government have thought of creative ways to feed these starving animals. In order to get the food to the animals quickly, they decided it would be best to drop thousands of pounds of food from the sky. Everything from carrots to sweet potatoes has been dropped out of aircraft with the hope of these animals receiving fresh vegetables.

This mission has been named ‘Operation Rock Wallaby,’ and is being run by the New South Wales National Parks and Wildlife Services. Wallabies are one of the main species of animals that have been specifically affected by the fire. Hence why the mission is named after the wallaby.

In due time the hope is that the wildlife will recover. It will be a slow process so until then Australians and the wildlife services will have to continue to think of creative ideas just like this one.

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