One Millions Species Predicted To Go Extinct

Researchers have recently come to a highly alarming finding. After three years of examining the situation and creating a 1,800 long page United Nations biodiversity report, researchers have concluded that one million species are potentially going to go extinct due merely to human actions.

According to the co-chairman of the report, Josef Settele, close to everything is deteriorating, including plants, animals, ecosystems and wild populations. Settele also claims that this heartbreaking deterioration is completely the result of human activities. The web of life is breaking apart and becoming smaller and smaller each and every day.

Furthermore, he also expressed that such a massive number of species going extinct will also pose a threat to the well-being of humans across the globe.  The report, however, also makes a point that changes can still be made, and that it’s not too late just yet.

Nature can still be saved if a proper system is implemented.  Many other global goals and initiatives can also be met through solid transformative change.

But we’ve got to start before it really is too late.

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