On-Demand Grandkids

Senior citizens are starting to use some less than conventional methods in order to battle their feelings of loneliness.

One of these new methods is an app, known as Join Papa, that actually enables seniors to order grandkids, on-demand, similar to placing a food order, or ordering an Uber ride.

According to one user, all of the grandkids available on the app are very nice children who provide an important service for her. They allow her to engage in stimulating conversations, and it can turn around her day completely.

The app, Join Papa pays their workers ten dollars an hour, who are mostly young college-aged students.  Their general tasks include helping them around the house, sometimes with shopping, or even just to spend time together.  According to sources however, the app chargers the senior users themselves seventeen dollars for the service, pocketing the rest of the profits.

Join Papa claims to have been created in order to help fight the loneliness crisis of senior citizens in America. For some, this app is completely life changing, and serves as a simple solution to their unfortunate loneliness in their later years.

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