Office Lunch Ideas

Sometimes, deciding what to eat is one of the most annoying tasks of the day. Deciding your office lunch is even more annoying considering that you have to do it the night before. You could always go to the cafeteria, but eating out every day can be really expensive and bad for your health. So, if you want to decide what you want to take to the office for lunch, then you might want to consider some suggestions.


The first option to consider is a plain old sandwich. Prepare some ready-to-fry chicken and throw it onto the bread with some cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, and cheese and you are ready to go. If you like, you can add ketchup right before eating so your sandwich doesn’t become soggy. It won’t take you long to eat, won’t be difficult or messy when you eat it, and will also be a fairly fulfilling lunch. Next, you can try tacos. The Mexican treats are a delight to have and not that difficult to make. If you haven’t had tacos before then maybe avoid taking them to the office because you might cause a mess, but if you have had them before and you know how to eat them without being sloppy, then it is a perfect meal for your lunch.

lunchIf you want to be extra health-conscious, then a salad would also be a good idea. There are many salads that would be a delicious treat and also bring their health benefits with them. You can try a chicken pesto focaccia or a meal prep creamy kale salad. Don’t be overwhelmed by the fancy names, they are really simple to make and will be great for the office.

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