Obscure Colors No One Has Ever Heard Of

Magenta, turquoise, cyan, teal, maroon – we like to believe we know a lot more colors than just the seven colors of the rainbow. But the truth is there are so many colors we have never heard of. Something we may see as red, for example, can actually be scarlet, tart, vermilion, crimson, amaranth, rufous, ruby, carmine, burgundy, or rosso corsa.

It’s the same situation when it comes to yellow. There are several different shades of yellow that might look the same to the untrained eye. Canary, daffodil, flaxen, butter, lemon, medallion, dandelion, bumblebee, Tuscany, laguna, royal, chartreuse, mustard, goldenrod, straw, saffron, and many more shades that would take too long to individually name.

Getty Images / Moment / Enrique Díaz

Slate, sky, navy, indigo, cobalt, teal, ocean, peacock, azure, cerulean, lapis, stone, Aegean, berry, denim, admiral, sapphire, arctic, turquoise, curious, cadet, ultramarine, Tiffany blue, Carolina blue, imperial, Capri, Munsell, blizzard, maximum, Honolulu, and royal are just some of the shades of blue we can find in the world around us. There are also several shades of green: tea, mint, lizard, lawn, sheen, lime, slimy, forest, India, hunter, Castleton, cadmium, British racing, phthalo, juniper, sage, lime, fern, olive, emerald, pear, moss, shamrock, seafoam, pine, parakeet, seaweed, pickle, pistachio, basil, crocodile, mantis, jungle, Dartmouth, sap, apple, Spanish, jade, and many more.