Nutella Riots In France
A massive discount on the legendary chocolate hazelnut spread, Nutella has caused French shoppers to get a little out of hand.

It has been reported that shoppers have in fact been rioting over Nutella after it had a hefty discount on the price in one of the largest supermarket chains in France, Intermarché supermarkets.

They reduced the price of Nutella by an entire 70% for the course of a week, with jars normally priced at  €4.50 lowered to €1.40. The discount proved to be very successful in France, but maybe too much so with customers turning into savage wildlife. The supermarkets became a complete zoo. 

According to a French shower, one left with a bloody hand, another woman had her hair pulled, and an box fell on the head of an elderly woman.

One of the store employees describes the situation as similar to an orgy, with people shoving each other and breaking things.

Things got so heated in the supermarkets that in some locations the management had no choice but to bring in the police, and in some cases the situation was referred to a riot.

What can be said? Nutella is completely delicious and people are willing to go crazy for it.  This chocolate spread is made by Ferrero, an Italian company and is 365 million kilos are consumed annually in 160 countries globally.

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