Nuclear Weapons 101

Nuclear weapons are the deadliest weapon known to man kind, and have been used for many international affairs.  The average population however, most commonly has little knowledge about nuclear weapons.

Over two-thousand nuclear weapon tests have been carried out.  Some of these tests were done in the atmosphere and are expected to kill 1.5 million people through the exposure of radiation.  The United States is one of the few countries that offers financial compensation to those exposed, having already spent more than a billion dollars.

Seventeen thousand nuclear warheads have been launched in nine countries as of the year 2014.  This number, while it may sound shockingly high is in fact quite low if you see that in 1986 there were seventy thousand nuclear warheads.

A study conducted in 2014 revealed that even small-scale nuclear war on any side of the planet could affect the environment of the entire world. It would lower temperatures and fill the sky with so much ash that it could block out the sun completely. This would also destroy crops and lead to a starvation epidemic.

Not all nuclear war however would completely wipe out mankind immediately, although you might have heard a rumor here and there that Russia and the United States have enough nuclear weapon power to destroy all life. This is only true if the entire population would be in one condensed space. This notion is falsely calculated based on the numbers of previous nuclear wars.

Another common myth is that radiation would be the main cause of death in a nuclear attack. This is not true as most deaths would most likely be caused from the power of the blast itself.  The blast can destroy structures and object will be thrown into the area. Depending on the distance, objects can be very deadly.


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