Not To Miss Spots In Mexico

Mexico is a popular tourist destination that has something special to offer for every taste. From Mexico City, filled with culture and action, to the dreamy white sands and perfectly blue waters of the countless beaches, it really never disappoints.  Here are some spots to be sure not to miss.






Tulum is the ultimate spot for anyone that’s both a history buff as well as a beach bum. Home to Mexico’s only waterfront Maayan ruins, Tulum also offers an unbeatable beach experience with both local boutique hotels and dreamy resorts.



Isla Mujeres


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Isla mujeres, located just a 15 minute ferry ride away from the popular tourist spot of Cancun, offers a more local and relaxed experience, and is most popular for it’s scuba diving and snorkeling on the coral reefs.






Cancun is a popular spot for tourists, especially spring-break college students who are looking to party like there’s no tomorow until the morning, and then lay out at the beach all day in between their meals at the all inclusive resorts.



Mexico City


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Mexico City is filled with endless culture and history, and although it doesn’t offer a beach-bum experience, it’s surely worth paying a visit, especially during the Day of the Dead celebration, where the streets are filled with festive people in costume. Mexico City is also a top spot for an authentic culinary experience.


Chichen Itza


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Chichen Itza actually means ‘the mouth at the well of Itza’. The place itself is both filled with history, stories, and of course, unbeatable views, as you can see pictured here. It’s one of the seven wonders of the world, and we’re not surprised in the least bit as to why.



Playa Del Carmen




Playa Del Carmen, located in close proximity to Cancun is another highly popular tourist destination, attracting people from across the globe who are looking to enjoy the hip-food scene, and relax endlessly at the stunning beaches while staying at one of the all-inclusive resorts.


Los Cabos




Los Cabos offers a unique combination of beaches, mountains, and desert views, and is the ideal spot for any kind of traveler, whether they looking to disconnect and relax, or have the ultimate adventure experience.



Puerto Vallarta


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Puerto Vallarta is a resort town that started out as a small fisherman town, and grew to be a tourist hot spot. It’s said the town was discovered by Hollywood in the 1960s, and from then on, it grew its popularity.






Oaxaca has a special feeling to it that can’t be ignored by both locals and foreigners alike, with endless culture and colors everywhere you turn.  It’s home to a vibrant food and art scene, as well as many highly extroverted festivals that are not to be missed!







Cozumel is probably best known for its coral reefs, as well as it’s cruise ships. It’s a popular destination for cruise ships to stop over in, with one of the many reasons being it’s incredibly blue water, and well as it’s totally chillaxed beaches.


Puerto Morelos




Puerto Morelos is believed to be one of the best-kept secrets of the Caribbean and it is hard not to fall in love with within seconds of stepping foot on its beaches. It offers a unique and more relaxed experience compared to the busy tourist spots such as Cancun.



Cabo San Lucas


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Cabo San Lucas is home to one of the world’s whitest beaches – offering a serious dreamy and picturesque experience. The activities offered here are absolutely endless, and the night-life is also unbeatable, with congo-lines like you’ve never seen before.