Nomadic Living

I woke up with a new notification this morning, “You have a new connection on LinkedIn.” Connection – it’s an interesting word choice to describe an action that is so disconnected. This got me thinking about other ‘connections’ that define our digital worlds: likes, friends, followers, retweets, shares, comments, etc. But are these words describing connection, or are they redefining what ‘connection’ really means?


In the age of unlimited connections, there’s a unique movement that is bringing the true meaning of ‘connection’ back to life. Living under the radar, off the grid, and in remote isolation, ‘nomadic living’ provides people with a deeper connection to nature and life, but fair warning – there is no WiFi.


Remote style houses have been growing in popularity among travelers, and unique homes in rural locations are one of the biggest rising trends on booking sites like AirBnb.


If you’re looking for a place to disconnect from the digital world and reconnect with the actual world, you’ll find plenty of inspiration at these quaint and quiet locations.


Bernina District, Canton of Graubunden, Switzerland


via Flickr / mendhak

Lamb Hill, Great Britain



Quebec, Canada



Little Red House, Iceland



Newquay Beach, England



Countryside, New Zealand



Thessaly, Greece



Paro Valley, Bhutan


via Wikimedia Commons / Afifa Afrin


Crystal, Colorado


via Wikimedia Commons / Joe Sparks


Fafe Mountains, Portugal


via Wikimedia Commons / Feliciano Guimarães







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