No Water For A Year

One rather unique nutritionist has made a shocking claim to have not consumed any water for an entire year – and that it actually improved her health and overall well-being.  This claim has, of course, sparked no shortage of controversy.

The 35-year anti-water drinking nutritionist from Bali, Sophie Partik once suffered from terrible pains, including aches in her joints, endless allergies, digestive problems, bad skin and puffy eyes. And somehow, after stopping the consumption of water, her issues vanished.

Sophie claims to have avoided liquids completely for around 13 hours per day, and when she did consume liquids, it was only living water, such as the juice from fruits and vegetables. The most she’s gone without any liquids at all is reported to be 52 hours and has high hopes to one day manage to go an entire 10 days without any liquids. 

According to Sophie, the need for water is something we’ve constructed in our minds, and that it requires patience to overcome that desire.  She has even expressed that it helps her focus better, serving as a form of release when she ignores the craving for water. 

This dry-fasting method was suggested to her by a friend after nothing else worked to solve her many health issues.  While she has become quite the advocate for such a way of life, she does understand that this isn’t right for everyone. 

Don’t try this at home, and we sure hope her 17 thousand followers on Instagram aren’t either. 

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