No Icing Policy On Injuries

Usually, when one injures themselves they go home and instantly assume that reaching for the ice pack in the fridge and applying it to the bruise or swelling is going to help the injury. Well, little did we know this habit that many have taken on is in fact not beneficial to the healing process of an injury.

Since the beginning of time, athletes, doctors and school nurses have told and endorsed this idea of icing an injury or sore muscle instantly. As they claim it will reduce swelling or help the pain long term, it doesn’t. At the time of the injury, yes, ice is the quickest way to alleviate pain but once the tissues rewarm, the pain will come back.

It is said that ice can actually “delay healing, increase swelling, and possibly cause additional damage to injured tissues,” according to Men’s Health and studies completed. This being a known fact, should be the ultimate reason as to why the misuse of ice must be put to a halt before using ice causes more damage than necessary to someone’s injury, which is a very possible scenario.

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