No Human Interaction Needed For Lunch

We are constantly interacting with other human beings.  Whether it be at home, at work, at stores, or even with the delivery people that come to bring  us the things we need when we don’t want to interact with the rest of the world.

We of course need a community for our well-being and to survive, but sometimes all we really want is to be completely alone. And that’s the very reason why Starship Technologies, a San Francisco based company is expanding it’s autonomous robots that will be capable of delivering your lunch to you.

The Starship robots are around the size of a Saint Bernard dog. They move at 4 miles per hour (at the maximum) and have six small wheels.  The bots work by being ordered by an app. The food is put inside the robot by the user’s restaurant of choice. The bots don’t come inside however, so users will have to come to the entrance of their building. It’s still a lot better than having to interact with another person though. A special code must be entered to open the robot’s container, and  most deliveries are made within 30 minutes.

These robots have been serving the entire Silicon Valley software company’s campus since January.  The Starship Technologies company has plans to create another 1,000 robots to other workplaces and colleges this year.

In person deliveries are about to come a whole lot more rare.
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