Nike Reveals Tokyo Olympics Collection

Those of us who haven’t been living under a rock-hard rock for the past few days may have noticed this thing called The Olympic Games, or The Olympics for short. It’s been everywhere: on the TV, on every news site, at bars, brought up in friendly small talk; it seems as though there’s just no getting around it. So if you can’t beat them, why not join them? And while this definitely may require a change of attitude on our part, it’s a given for Nike and other sportswear brands who thrive on the popularity and screentime of such events.

Gettyimages / Bennett Raglin / Getty Images Entertainment

That being said, it should come as no surprise that Nike has sponsored pretty much every athlete on god’s green Earth and that they’ve made their 2021 Tokyo Olympics collection available for the public at large. One of the most notable items on their Tokyo Olympics catalog would be the incredibly wide array of colorful and futuristic sneakers they’ve released. Whether they’re outrageously pink (in a good way), asymmetrically colored, futuristic and oddly shaped, or just plain glitchy, the new Nike sneakers have got to be some of the most creative and remarkable pieces of footwear we’ve seen in quite a while now.

The Nike Tokyo Olympics fashion show was held in order to showcase these outlandish pieces of fashion. The event was attended by such A-List stars as Drake and Rosalia, the former being a vocal advocate of the brand’s signature style. And these are just two of the many instantly recognizable names in attendance. Nike has been garnering an ever-growing list of notable personalities whom they sponsor, which makes their actual fashion events quite the spectacle when all those A-Listers actually show up. The Tokyo Olympics runway was definitely one of those notable fashion moments that we’ll be talking about in the near future.

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