Next Level Rent Control

In pretty much every modern urban city or neighborhood, the cost of living and renting a home seems to increase to no end and with no exception. Well, other than one specific housing complex in Germany, known as Fuggereri.

The people who live in this housing complex pay a mere dollar per year for rent. As if these numbers weren’t already shocking, what’s even more mindblowing is the fact that they are paying the very same amount of those that lived in the complex five hundred years ago.

The complex was founded back in 1514 by a successful businessman – Jakob Fugger, and was intended to be for those that couldn’t afford housing otherwise. Despite being one of the richest man in his town, Fugger stuck to his family’s values and always put those in need as a priority.

He wanted to give back to the community and it was his dream to be able to offer housing to everyone, regardless of their socio-economic status. Fugger’s only requirements were that residents be Catholic and that they register for a minimum of two years. Residents also had to be in bed by ten o clock, and go to Chruch three times a day. The very same rules apply today as well.

Due to a hefty trust fund from Fugger, the cost of living here has managed to stay the same, even 500 years later. Today, many tourists come from around the world to see this unique complex, and the entrance fee also helps to keep the place alive.

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