New York’s Best kept Secret

If you’re looking to visit New York there are arguably too many options of places you can visit to enjoy a cool cocktail or draft beer. We have configured for you a list of underground bars to visit that are exclusive and most commonly known to the locals. Enjoy the adventure to get to these places just as much as you enjoy the thrill inside.

Please Don’t Tell is one of the most unique cocktail bars in New York. The experience at this speakeasy will throw you back to the roaring ’20s with its low-key but funky vibe. It’s super exclusive and difficult to make reservations so make sure to book in advance and when you do, don’t be startled if you can’t find your way in. Entry to this groovy bar is via a vintage telephone booth hidden away inside a hot dog store. Once you enter, you can enjoy a selection of cocktails made by world-renowned mixologists and relax in the venue.

Another secret bar in New York City which you are bound to love is Angel’s Share. The place is cozy and warm perfect from the winter months, you can watch the snowfall from the window while in the interior. To get in you’ll need to climb the stairs up to the restaurant and look for a wooden door to your left. If they’re too busy, they may even send you over to a second secret location they’ve recently opened above a sushi restaurant. Each drink is unique to the place both in its names and flavors, be sure to check it out.

Getty Images/Getty Images News/Tim Graham

The Blue Quarter is another suave bar out of the many that New York has to offer. Its beautiful blue door gives an Alice in Wonderland type feel. Tucked away behind a stunning blue keyhole-arched door in the East Village restaurant Local92, this bar is a Mediterranean-inspired space with cocktails influenced by teas.

Finally, the Blind Barber is another spot to look out for if visiting the Big Apple. It’s located through a daytime Barbershop behind a wooden sliding door where you can enjoy good drinks and good music for your leisure.

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