Musician Plays Piano To Blind Elephant

According to Bored Panda, “A British musician by the name of Paul Barton dragged out a piano into the middle of an elephant sanctuary and began playing classical music.” By doing this, the blind elephant, Lam Duan, reacted in a very humanistic way.

In the past and present, researchers have observed how animals have very similar traits to humans. Knowing that this a factor, Barton was not surprised by Lam Duan’s actions. The second Barton started playing classical tunes on the piano, this blind elephant started swaying side to side on the beat.

Barton has been playing music to animals for quite some time now. Observing the way the many elephants in the sanctuary act, this musician realized that each one reacts differently. Some get close to the piano while others like Lam Duan start to sway back and forth.

Lam Duan was not the only elephant that was enjoying the live music but it caught instant media attention. As Barton’s work circled the web, viewers found Barton’s action to be heart-warming and too cute for words especially when watching the video of Lam Duan dancing away!

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