Music Made For Dogs

Have you ever heard of music for dogs? Well, now you sure have! The Laurel Canyon Animal Company based in Los Angeles has been making music just for animals (specifically dogs) for the past two decades, and have been doing so by working together with both psychics and animal communication experts to ensure that the animals themselves are also part of the music making process, and of course, that they will truly appreciate the music. After all, the music is for them!  According to Skip Haynes, the co-founder of The Laurel Canyon Animal Company, they actually take what a dog says, and turn it into music. 

According to Haynes, their company is likely to be the only people who actually make the animals themselves a part of the process – and by doing so, they attempt to better connect humans and animals. Every CD that the company produces is specific to a type of species of animal, and is based on a unique experience or situation that the animals themselves encountered, or that those that cherish them the most went through. If you’re interested in seeing the music this unique production company has already made, you can find everything on their website,, and can even hear some samples of the songs too before purchasing a CD. 

And although they do in fact make music for all kinds of animals, dogs are generally their main focus, and appear to be their favorite type too. Sorry to all those who may be offended by that – they still love all animals, but aren’t shy to choose favorites. Haynes has also noted that the ultimate goal here, other than providing animals with music they can really enjoy, is to also show people that a dog is not just a dog or a piece of property that belongs to someone. They aim to prove that dogs, and all animals, are living beings that likely have something they wish they could communicate to you.  By creating music based on what dogs are likely saying, it helps get this important message out to the public. 

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