Muffins For Breakfast And Dessert

Did you know that muffins can be enjoyed at any time of the day? More specifically, they can be enjoyed as a breakfast and a dessert. With that said, muffins are probably one of the most eaten things in the world. It also comes in a number of different flavors for you to enjoy. Now you may not be aware of every type of muffin, and that’s okay. There really is a lot to get through. But don’t worry, we have brought you some of the most popular muffin flavors from all around the world. That’s right, so the next time you can try something new.

Getty images/EyeEm/ Kicca Tommasi/EyeEm

Before getting into the different types of muffins that there are, there is something you need to know. This may come as a surprise but there are two major muffin categories. This would be savory and sweet. You see savory muffins go perfectly with a meal. They will usually include things like spices you would use in your cooking and even ingredients you would use while cooking. Many people actually enjoy savory muffins more than sweet muffins. You also have to remember that savory muffins are almost like flavored bread. If you are thinking about making savory muffins here are a few options.

Your options would include cheese muffins, bacon, spinach, and even chili. You see, your options are endless. Now on to sweet muffins. Sweet or well-dessert muffins are best enjoyed after a meal as a sweet treat. When looking at sweet muffins you will notice that they come in a variety of different flavors. This includes traditional chocolate, blueberry, cinnamon and so much more. Much like cupcakes, there really isn’t anything you can’t add to your muffin mix if you are planning on making them at home. While shopping around you will notice that there is a massive variety of flavors.

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