Movie Theater Engagement

One of the most incredible days of a person’s life is when they get to say “I do,” to their loved ones and vow to be with that person for the rest of their lives. This is the day, that we little girls and boys

dream of for their entire lives.

Engagement day is the start of it all. As your groom plans the most perfect surprise to pop the large and loving question. A surprise so large that one would be absolutely blown away by the execution done. For this couple specifically, her groom did the unimaginable.

He hacked into his girlfriend’s favorite Disney movie and included the proposal into ‘Sleeping Beauty.’ For the past year and a half, Lee Loechler has been planning the engagement of a lifetime. Animating them both into the scene when Prince Lee proposed to Princess Sthuthi. Loechler is a filmmaker who took his creativity and used it to the best of his advantage.

When in the movie theater, his girlfriend realized that one particular scene looked different especially when her finance got up from his seat and got down on one knee. Popping the question of “Will you marry me? Now, if that doesn’t say romance we don’t know what else would.

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