Mouth-Watering Stew

Eating fast food or takeaways is always the easiest option especially if you are too tired to cook. But sometimes it simply isn’t enough. Sometimes you need something a bit more hearty, warm, and filling. This is why people make stews. Now you may think that you have to go to a really good restaurant to get a mouth-watering stew but you are wrong. You can create your own delicious stew right at home. The great thing about making your own stew is that firstly you don’t have to get all dressed up to have it and you can have as many bowls as you like.

Now you may wonder about the differences between a stew and a soup and well a stew is much thicker and is always served hot. To prepare for your stew, you will need to gather all your ingredients first. Now you should know that there are a number of different ways that you can make a stew but many of them have the same bases. This includes your broth or stock, meat, and vegetables. When it comes to vegetables, you can really have anything in your stew. This includes potatoes, carrots, broccoli, and onions. Try to get your vegetables as fresh as possible.

Getty Images/ Moment/ Afriandi

Now, what stock or broth you will use will largely depend on what type of meat you plan to use. Many stews have meat that is still on the bone but you can go with boneless meat as well. You can go with beef cubes, lamb, and even chicken as the protein for your stew. Now the trick to creating the perfect mouth-watering stew is allowing your stock or broth to thicken up. You see this is where the heart and love are in a stew. Do keep in mind that the thickness of your stew will depend on how long you cook it.