Motion Sickness Glasses

Citroën, a French car maker has recently released a very unique and innovative pair of glasses.

Apparently, the glasses can treat the symptoms of motion sickness.

They are known as Seetroën and are created with Boarding Ring technology, created by a French startup to treat motion sickness.

After wearing the glasses for 10-12 minutes, the glasses enable the mind to be re-synchronized with the movement perceived by the ear, while the eyes are focused on an immobile object.

The wearer can then take them off and enjoy a calm and comfortable rest of their journey.

The rings of the glasses contain a blue liquid that recreate the horizon line to fix the conflict between signals sent to the bran by the inner ear and the eyes.
When a person is looking out the window, it’s usually fine, but the problem arises when they decide to look down at a book or at their phone.
Our eyes don’t perceive the motion in the same way, and what is sent to your brain contradicts that of your ear, leading to motion sickness.
The liquid in these special glasses stimulate the movement and the angle of the horizon, so that the movement matches up between the ear and the eyes.
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